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About Dolce Niente Ristorante Italiano

At Dolce Niente Ristorante Italiano, we pride ourselves on delivering an authentic Italian dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Our commitment to authenticity begins in our scratch-made kitchen, where our Head Chef, Bob Getchell, has meticulously crafted each dish using traditional recipes and the finest, freshest ingredients. From handcrafted pasta in our traditional Fettuccini Alfredo to rich sauces, every element of our menu is a testament to the passion and precision that defines Italian cuisine.

In every bite, guests can taste the essence of Italy – a culinary journey guided by the principles of quality, tradition, and genuine hospitality. At Dolce Niente, it’s not just a meal; it’s a celebration of flavors that transport you to the heart of Italy. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience where each dish tells a story of culinary craftsmanship and the soulful spirit of Italian gastronomy.

Core Values:

•Quality  •Hospitality  •Value  •Family •Integrity

Bob Getchell, Head Chef

About Bob Getchell & Mac DeLaup

20-year Disney Springs Orlando Executive Chef Bob Getchell moves to the Houston area to bring along a restaurant experience level not seen in these parts.

The former Gibson Restaurant Group partner operated “The Boathouse” in Disney Springs, Orlando since the opening– and he along with the Gibson’s magic ended up with the 2nd highest grossing independent restaurant in the USA.

Getchell’s comments when asked about his move to Houston: “My passion for food and hospitality goes hand in hand with the “Disney Magic” which is providing the highest level of dining and hospitality. Our first restaurant in Texas will be a neighborhood authentic Italian restaurant within the Benders Landing area in Spring called Dolce Niente Ristorante Italiano, with many concepts on the drawing board”. Getchell added, “my dream was to live in Texas, enjoy Texas music and culture and retire here with my wife Laura; on top of that, bring a little Disney magic to Texas!”

Getchell’s culinary experience and expertise is extensive and started as a nuclear power engineer in the US Navy for 7 years, a bachelors degree in business and an associates degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales which led him to some of the finest restaurants in Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney. Gibson’s lured Getchell into opening The Boathouse and the rest is history as they say. Getchell adds; “Leaving the Gibson Restaurant Group was not an easy thing for me as this group is one of the finest, but I was ready to start my next and final chapter which is creating a destination dining experience unique to these areas-fun, inviting and unique”.

Getchell’s business partner is a 40 year Houston auto dealer, Mac DeLaup, who met this executive chef at the Boathouse during a private event years ago and immediately they became friends. DeLaup said “we had a private party at The Boathouse and I was drawn to the carving station where Chef Bob was slicing Florida style brisket in the corner. At that moment I did not know this was the Executive Partner Chef carving for our party of 100 or so guests. I was so impressed with the hospitality, service and food quality I asked Getchell about his operations which later created a friendship for life as our next event was relief efforts for hurricane Harvey evacuees and first responders cooking and serving 60,000 meals plus at NRG center. Both Bob and I agree it was the greatest thing we have ever done giving back to Houston who had been so incredibly good to me and my auto business as a partner with Dallas auto dealer John Eagle of the John Eagle Dealerships. We managed to get 20 volunteers and much support to deliver quality food to these much in need individuals. I knew Getchell was special when all he could think about is helping Texans through this horrific event”.

Bob and Mac have an incredible vision for this restaurant group having such a high level of experience in the culinary arts as well as a high level of hospitality that Mac spearheaded with the John Eagle Auto dealerships for 36 years prior to “retirement”. Asked about retirement DeLaup added “I’ll never retire and although I may grow older I’ll never grow up as my kids and grandkids are keeping me young! I’m extremely excited to help introduce what I believe is one of the finest Chefs to Houston and surrounding communities. Our philosophy is simple and we will take the same approach all great restauranteurs have taken, to grow when we have the people to grow with”.

This is one to watch! Stay tuned.

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